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Special-sized Plastic pallets

We also offer nonstandard special-sized plastic pallets 

Sopack recommends efficient special-sized plastic pallet

Sopack s.r.o. offers also non-standard plastic pallets for special uses or with special sizes. You can find those sizes in our range 1100x1100 mm, 1200x1200 mm, 1140x1140 mm, 1100x1300 mm and others.

Product: S110110_SF_PP_L

110x110x13 cm

8,5 kg

40 pcs/stack

Product: S12080_SF_PES

114x114x14 cm

8,7 kg

40 pcs/stack

Product: S130110_PP_H

130x110x15 cm

24,5 kg

16 pcs/stack

Product: S11476_SF_L

114x76x13 cm

5,4 kg

40 pcs/stack

Product: S8080_SP

80x80x15 cm

19 kg

22 pcs/stack

Product: S134110_SF_L

130x110x15 cm

19,63 kg

16 pcs/stack

Product: S120120_SP

120x120x13 cm

34,5 kg

22 pcs/stack

Product: S11480_SF_L

114x80x14 cm

6,4 kg

35 pcs/stack