Slip Sheets

Slip Sheet replaces wooden pallet

Slip Sheet is 4 times cheaper than wooden pallet

Slip Sheets can be used instead of classic wooden pallets, or as dividers to aid in layering of your goods. Our Slip Sheets are made of strengthened, water-resistant and high-quality kraftliner. The laminated coating makes the Slip Sheet very tear-resistant. The shape of Slip Sheets is variable and all possible shapes can be made. The weight of transferring goods is variable as well. Slip Sheets can be designed specifically to suit the weight of your goods.

Pricing of Slip Sheets

Advantages of Slip Sheets againts wooden pallets

  • 1

    Lower purchasing cost.

    A Slip Sheet is approximately 3–4 times cheaper than a wooden pallet
  • 2

    Less weight = lower shipping costs

    The weight of a wooden pallet is 20 kilograms. The weight of a Slip Sheet is less than 1 kilogram
  • 3

    Saves storage space in containers.

    1,000 Slip Sheets = 1 m3. 1,000 wooden pallets = 70m3.
  • 4

    Recyclable and user-friendly.

    Slip Sheets save our trees compare with wooden pallets
Pricing of Slip Sheets

Slip Sheets Applications