The Push-Pull attachment is a hydraulic forklift, which has been developed specifically for handling goods with the Slip Sheets. The Push-Pull attachment can be easily attached to any standard lift truck.  This hydraulic attachment has one function: to operate the faceplate and gripper. The task of the faceplate is to push or pull the goods; and the main task of the gripper is gripping the channeling of a Slip Sheet.


The main task of Palletless handling is as a replacement of wooden pallet with a less expensive, thinner, lighter and  more environmentally friendly Slip Sheet.  The goods are placed on the Slip Sheet, which is made of strengthened kraftliner. The Slip-Sheet is pushed or pulled by a special attachment called a Push-Pull, which can be easily added to any lift truck.

Push-Pull grips the Slip-Sheet by the channeling, and so pulls the goods with the Slip Sheet under them onto stable forks, and moves it all to a container, where the goods and the slip sheet are quickly and easily loaded.

Palletless handling can save on  your employees’ energy expenditure, increase  loading efficiency, and of course, most importantly, decrease your shipping costs.

Slip Sheet

Slip Sheets can be used instead of classic wooden pallets, or as dividers to aid in layering of your goods. Our Slip Sheets are made of strengthened, water-resistant and high-quality kraftliner. The laminated coating makes the Slip-Sheet very tear-resistant. The shape of Slip Sheets is variable and all possible shapes can be made. The weight of transferring goods is variable as well. Slip Sheets can be designed specifically to suit the weight of your goods.


  • Lower purchasing cost. (A Slip Sheet is approximately 3–4 times cheaper than a wooden pallet.)
  • Less weight = lower shipping costs. (The weight of a wooden pallet is 20 kilograms. The weight of a Slip Sheet is less than 1 kilogram.)
  • Saves storage space in containers. (1,000 Slip Sheets = 1 m3. 1,000 wooden pallets = 70m3.)
  • Recyclable and user-friendly.

PUSH PULL attachment foto




Demonstration of the Push-Pull attachment


By PUSH PULL attachment employees can load container untill 30min.